A Message

I’m all for debate and discussion of ideas; however, the things I’ve seen regarding the elections and views lead me to say this. Some people need to really check their privilege and realize that when people from oppressed groups express their concerns about the likelihood of certain candidates winning this election: you need to listen. Don’t just shut them down. Don’t assume that just because you’re some “special snowflake” aka some bland, mediocre, and unimpressive cisgender heterosexual white man, your opinion immediately trumps the legitimate concerns everyone else has. Do not expect us to willingly be the scapegoats for your “political revolutions” or your third party candidates who are actually no different than the mainstream political candidates. We deserve to navigate this terrible system however we can manage to and we don’t need your patronizing commentary about feeding into the system. Last time I checked some of you benefit from this system. Not everyone can actually afford to be a part of the “revolution.” A “revolution” that would see the same people in power under a different name.


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