Top 10 Things Dominique Ain’t Got Time For (not in any order)

  1. Grad school shenanigans. #Time2Graduate


  1. Subpar White people. I’m not going add the disclaimer “not all White people” because you can read. That’s a skill, use it.


  1. Donald Trump. Because he’s the worst. And he’s orange. With a bad hairdo. And he’s a specific breed of #2.


  1. Racism. I’m a Black person in America. Fill in the blanks.


  1. Denial of racism. Particularly in the face of psychological, sociological, and historical evidence. So is this what they mean by “post-truth?” People don’t have to bother accepting evidence if they don’t like it?


  1. White people who want you to be the token Negro so they can say they’re not racist. “But we’ve had you in our home!” They say stuff like that.


  1. The NFL. There’s just so much going on there. So many problematic things.


  1. People who think diversity research is unimportant or not scientifically rigorous (I’m looking at you GSU psychology faculty).


  1. Legitimizing bigotry (saying alt-right instead of, oh I don’t know, White Supremacy).


  1. All Lives Matter. Because y’all weren’t saying that until we started saying Black Lives Matter. Damn, some of you really hate when Black people start asserting their humanity. I guess you’re fine with us as long as we’re not seen or heard. Or not fine with us at all. That’s equally likely.