We’re Not Making These Things Up

I’m going to say this because of some of the posts I have been seeing on Facebook about this issue. Some people have been saying that all this is being made up and that racism does not exist anymore or that people are just being oversensitive. Just because the KKK isn’t running around burning crosses like in the 1950s does not mean that racism is over. Just because schools are integrated does not mean that racism is over. Just because we have a Black president now does not mean that racism is over. It’s embedded in within institutions and social structures. I don’t have the space to go into all the specific ways that this manifests because there’s just so much. Some people may cite their own non-racist attitudes attitudes in response to people’s stating that there is still racism. Racism is more than just individual biases and actions. Racism is a system that has institutional, societal, cultural, and individual aspects. When people use words like “White supremacy” or “White privilege” they are not blaming individual White people. They are blaming a system that continues to disproportionately target and mistreat Black people and other people of color. I am not just pulling this stuff out of thin air, or making it up, being a conspiracy theorist. All this stuff I’m saying is backed up by historical, sociological, and psychological research. This is the kind of stuff I study for a living. Do not look at this as people crying wolf or making excuses. Do not just immediately dismiss what people are saying. I would hope that anyone reading this realizes that there is something really wrong here and I hope that you would like to see things improve instead of viewing this as a non-issue and people complaining. That’s what I have to say on the matter.


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