Contemporary Racial-Sacrifice Covenants

Any number of other examples can be found throughout almost every area of public life. Blacks with skills are hired by corporations, government, and other institutions, but usually in limited numbers so as no to arouse concern among white employees, customers, and suppliers. When this unacknowledged number is reached, blacks of equal or even higher qualifications are turned away. The same is true in the housing area. Where blacks are not systematically excluded, as is still the case in countless housing developments, all manner of procedures are in place to limit their numbers. That remains the unspoken policy in much of academia. Each black or Hispanic or Asian that is hired for a tenure-line position makes it that much harder for any subsequent minority applicant. Policies of involuntary racial sacrifice prevail, despite the obligatory “equal opportunity” statements on business stationery.

Derrick Bell – Silent Covenants: Brown V. Board of Education and the Unfulfilled Hopes for Racial Reform


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