At the start of…

At the start of the twenty-first century, government mandates and corporate practices are resulting in growing inequities in the U.S. educational field. Many view this as being driven by whiteness hegemony. Undoing Whiteness in the Classroom is a comprehensive effort to bring together, in one volume, educultural practices and teaching strategies that deconstruct whiteness hegemony, empower individuals to develop critical consciousness, and inspire them to engage in social justice activism. Through music, the visual and performing arts, narrative, and dialogue, educulturalism opens us up to becoming more aware of the oppressive cultural and institutional forces that make up whiteness hegemony. Educulturalism allows us to identify how whiteness hegemony functions to obscure the power, privilege, and practices of the dominant social elite, and reproduce inequities and inequalities within education and wider society.

Undoing Whiteness in the Classroom: Critical educultural teaching approaches for social justice activism


One thought on “At the start of…

  1. Beginning with Kant post-modern philosophy, psychology and science have taught us that reality cannot be viewed outside the subject. The mind is wired to interpret phenomena based on language and culture. “Whiteness,” or more properly a “Eurocentric” perspective in classrooms is an after effect of the historic prominence of Western culture throughout the U.S.and much of the world. This of course is due to a variety of factors; particularly an imperialist past.

    Change will come, regardless of those that would hold on for dear life, The demographics of the West and the entire world are changing. As time passes, students will naturally be exposed to ever more viewpoints, and their reality will expand. The process will not happen overnight, and there will be opponents fighting every advance. An important thing to remember is that there are as many experiences and perspectives as there are people in the world. They all must be taken into account and given their due.


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