Trayvon Martin Verdict

I was with my family when the verdict came out.  We all crowded in the living room and people flipped out when they said “Not guilty.”  I hate saying that I’m not surprised or I had a bad feeling that he would get off, but that’s the honest truth.  Personally, at this point, Zimmerman being Hispanic, white, or whatever you want to label him doesn’t mean shit to me.  What his motivation was doesn’t matter to me either.  What matters is that he senselessly killed an unarmed teenager. It doesn’t matter if Zimmerman is racist or not, the system is.  The system just showed us that Black people don’t mean shit.  Institutional racism right there.  My cousin said if he (my cousin) got caught selling drugs, he would have been in jail.  That’s the truth.  It’s not anything we didn’t already know though, at least I hope no one was naive enough to not already know that.


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